Diploma in Dance

Course Overview

Bharatanatyam is an art in which body movements generally based on music piece is used as a form of expression. Dancing is a form of Performing Arts. These arts are those, which utilize the artist's own body, face and presence as a medium of expression. Dancing Career in India is very much a plausible career. However, it is one thing to know the prospects and another to pursue it. It is only when you step into a dance career that you come to know that some things can be learned from experience only.

Diploma in Dance creates the platform for students who complete higher school grade with dance passion. This program incorporates a hands-on approach to performing, writing, and understanding dance. It introduces music notation and basic dance theory topics such as intervals, Adavus, Margams and Jathis, as well as basic. This course is a great opportunity for learning nuance.


Paper Course Name Practical / Theory
1. Theory -1 T
2. Practical – 1 P
3. Practical – 2
4. Practical – 3 P
5. Allied - 1 P
6. Project P

Syllabus covered

  • 12 Adavus
  • Full Margams
  • Theory & Histroy of Dance
  • Allied: Vocal Basics


Individuals who have completed a formal dance program at the associate degree level may find job opportunities as a:

  • Dance teacher
  • Professional dancer
  • Dance coach
  • Dance fitness instructor

Earning a master's degree in dance can provide advanced employment opportunities for dance professionals and help individuals prepare for long-term career options once their performance days are over. Career opportunities may include:

  • Private studio ownership
  • Dance critic
  • Professional dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Dance educator
  • Dance therapist

By earning an undergraduate or a graduate degree in dance, students improve both their technical abilities and their knowledge of the art form. Dance-related career opportunities depend on graduates' level of education, but could include jobs as instructors, studio owners and choreographers.

Course Details


One Year


Regular:Monday to Friday (4Hrs/Day)
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday(2Hrs/Day)


10thStd Or Equivalent
Age No Bar


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