MA Carnatic Music

Course Overview

M.A Music is a postgraduate in course. To pull out your creativity and give you strong foundation with the advanced Techniques Bridge will be a great platform. Our concentration in music offers you a focus on music performance, history, and theory with courses in the liberal arts including fine arts and literature, letters (history, philosophy and religion, speech), social sciences, natural sciences. One can stabilize their music career.

Stream A: Vocal
Stream B: Violin
Stream C: Veena
Stream D: Flute
Stream E: Nadaswaram
Stream F: Keyboard
Stream G: Mridangam
Stream H: Thavil


Paper Course Name Practical / Theory
1 Theory – 1 T
2 Theory - 2 T
3 Elective (Select any one of the following)
Nandanar Charithram
Ramanataka krithis
Kanda Jathi Thriputa Thala Mallari
4 Skill Course VV
5 Practical – 1
(Select any stream from A to H)

Topics Covered

  • Praticals for Vocal, Violin, Veena, Flute, Nadaswaram, Keyboard: Rendition of Alankaram in ragas like kalyani & Karaharapriya, Adi - talam and ata thala Varnams in 2 speeds with tisra nadai, Ganaraga Pancharatnam - 1, Navavarnam - 1, One Swarajathi: Compositions for the following ragas with Raga alapana, Niraval & Kalpana swarnam, Padha varnam, jampa thala varnam, navagraha kriti - 1, Panchalinga sthala kriti-1 navaratha malika - 1, Padam -1, Jawali-1, Tillana - 1, Ragam - Tanam-Pllavi.
  • Mridangam: Sarvalaghu lessons for any 10 thalas from 35 thalas, small korvais for any 10 thalas from 35 thalas, 2 kalai pallavi and thani avarthana.
  • Thavil: adhi, Tisram, Misram, kandam & Sankirna thala sarva laghu Sorkattus, mohras, Jathis.
  • Elective: Nandanar charitram, Ramanataka krithis, Mallari.
  • Histroy of Music: Tamizh Tradition, History of Music, Sanskrit Traditions, Advanced Theory Of Musi


Graduates with a Master of Arts in Music Education that demonstrate musical proficiency and classroom management, leadership and assessment skills can gain careers in education and music. Individuals could pursue such careers as:

  • Music educators
  • Musicians
  • Music therapists

Course Details


One Year


Regular:Monday to Friday (4Hrs/Day)
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday(2Hrs/Day)


Any UG Degree + 3 Yrs Diploma or Equivalent
Age No Bar


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