M.A Dance

Course Overview

Once a student has completed their bachelor's degree, they can apply for a master's degree program. Master's programs focus on studio choreography and advanced technique development. To pull out your creativity and give you strong foundation with the advanced Techniques Bridge will be a great platform. Our concentration in dance offers you a focus on performance, history, and theory with courses in the liberal arts including fine arts and literature, letters (history, philosophy and religion, speech), social sciences, natural sciences. One can stabilize their dance career.


Paper Course Name Practical / Theory
1 Theory – 1 T
2 Theory – 2 T
3 Practical – 1 P
4 Practical – 2 P
5 Practical – 3 P
6 Elective(Select any one of the subject)
1)   Bhajans
2)   Ramanataka krithis
7 Skill course V V

Topics Covered

  • Basic Uruppadis
  • Prabhandam and dharu
  • Dance sculptures in various periods
  • Sanskrit literature and Dance forms
  • Ramayana in Dance forms of south Asian Countries


Individuals who have completed a formal dance program at the associate degree level may find job opportunities as a:

  • Dance teacher
  • Professional dancer
  • Dance coach
  • Dance fitness instructor

Earning a master's degree in dance can provide advanced employment opportunities for dance professionals and help individuals prepare for long-term career options once their performance days are over. Career opportunities may include:

  • Private studio ownership
  • Dance critic
  • Professional dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Dance educator
  • Dance therapist

By earning an undergraduate or a graduate degree in dance, students improve both their technical abilities and their knowledge of the art form. Dance-related career opportunities depend on graduates' level of education, but could include jobs as instructors, studio owners and choreographers.

Course Details


One Year


Regular:Monday to Friday (4Hrs/Day)
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday(2Hrs/Day)


+2 or 10thStd
+3Yrs Diploma Or Equivalent  Age No Bar


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