• 27, Sowrashtra Nagar

8 Grade Exam

Grade Exam Procedure

  • Respective students teacher can register themselves using the column Teachers Registration.
  • After registrating teachers will get a separate unique ID; by which students can apply for grade exam.
  • Students who wish to be graded should send their applications along with the exam fees to Bridge Academy, through their teachers. Application Forms:
  • The applications will be processed, and candidates will be sent Hall Tickets through their respective School/teacher/Academy
  • Both Theory and Practical Exams will be conducted on the same day.
  • Results will be announced through our website and by post to respective teachers.
  • Graded students will be awarded Outstanding, excellent, good or average ratings based on their performance..

Recognising outstanding performers

  • Workshops will be conducted for students who secure outstanding inGrades exams.
  • Opportunities will be provided to best of the outstanding performance in Kalaisangamam.