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Why Gradation ?

Why Gradation ?

In India, Teachers are instrumental in sustaining the music and other forms of fine arts for generations. Each school has a unique way of teaching and mostly there are no common syllabi. Yet there remains a need for a systematic and rational certification process based on the talent of the students.

Bridge Academy with the help of scholars and professionals from the field of Music, Dance & fine arts has put together a curriculum and gradation syllabus for Music, Dance & fine arts. The panels of experts are from both the Guru Parampara genre and academic scholars, integrating traditional and systematic schools of teaching.

Bridge Academy has institutionalized the Art Forms by standardizing the syllabus without compromising the legacy of Indian arts.

Any form of Art, being versatile is difficult to evaluate, hence, we need a system which can make it acceptable by the practitioners and experts alike.

8 Grade System
Bridge Academy strongly believes that our existing system of teaching is excellent, and is only trying to compliment the same by providing a platform for the teachers to validate the skill sets of their wards.

Bridge Academy in line with International practice has designed 8 Grades for each form of art based on the recommendation of our panel members consisting of experts, academicians and researchers.

The 8 grade system will help the students by evaluating their knowledge and competence levels.