Legend speech

Dr. Balamuralikrishna (Padma Vibhushan)

In the current context, this kind of 8 Grade system is needed most for one and all.

Dr. V. P. Dhananjayan (Padma Bhushan)

The 8 grade system will bridge the gap between the tradition and modernity. This system has to win.

Dr. Nithyasree Mahadevan (Kalaimamani)

The 8 Grade System will help remove the barriers of caste, creed, language and religion of enthusiasts, professionals and learners of music, dance and fine arts.

Dr. Alphonso Doss (National Award Winner)

The 8 grade system will be the right platform to integrate passion and skill set of the aspirants of Music, Dance and plastic art.

Popular Bharatanatyam Dancer Swarnamalya Ganesh

Bharatanatyam has a great platform by Bridge Academy introducing this 8Grade system. Because many teachers teach their students in their own way of style. By this system students will get to learn from the basics of Bharatanatyam. Through this system the Pride and Tradition of Bharatanatyam will be saved and maintained. My full support will be there for 8 Grade System.

S. Mahathi

Carnatic music comprises of all technicalities which are basic for all forms of music. If it is learnt in an orderly manner, nothing more is required for excellence in any form of music including nurturing voice culture. No greatness can be achieved in music if it is not learnt in a systematic procedure. Bridge Academy has achieved structuring this kind of a systematic learning.

Srimushnam Raja Rao

The laudable efforts of Bridge Academy befit its name in connecting nukes and corners to widely spread the eternal bliss of music everywhere. I wish them tremendous growth year after year to scale great heights. I applaud the 8 Grade Syllabus of Bridge Academy as it comprises of compositions of a combination of composers without a biased focus on specific language or style.

Rajkumar Bharathi

The success of the Kalai Sangamam is fittingly depicted by the relentless long stay of the huge audience here. A diamond in the crown of the day’s event was the flawless portray of Bharathiyar’s Paanchali Sapatham in ethnic folk form manifested in enchanting blend of music and dance.

Maharajapuram Ramachandran

According to our mythology, Ashwametha Yagna was carried out by ancient Indian kings to prove their imperial sovereignty. As much as a successful Ashwametha Yagna proclaims the inequitable strength the monarch, the massive celebration of Kalai Sangamam has demonstrated the strength of Bridge Academy today. Bridge Academy has created a distinct banner for itself duly inducing a craving among youngsters to enroll, learn and get certified by Bridge Academy in music and fine arts.

Pushpavanam Kuppusamy

It is a great delight seeing young girls performing fabulously. Girl children need to be nurtured and well groomed in life as they possess an important role in future. I urge them to learn and practice music and dance well and lead a great life. The 8 Grade Syllabus designed by Bridge Academy provides a schematic common platform for all students, urban or rural, to intensively learn music and dance irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

V.S. Radha Krishnan

Coming all the way from Sri Lanka, Kalai Sangamam organized by Bridge Academy is greatly worthy of participation for me, where I witnessed marvelous rendition of dance. Bridge Academy is evolving the righteous fitment for an institutional recognition and certification of the enthusiastic young talents in music and dance from various parts of South India. I place my wish to Bridge Academy that such an institutionalized curriculum should be set up in Sri Lanka too.


Bridge Academy was instituted to bring to the fore the latent talents in the youth in music and fine arts, particularly in rural areas. Bridge Academy designed Kalai Sangamam (Confluence of art forms) as a unique plat form for those talented youth who were deprived of opportunities and as a bridge to connect teachers, parents and students in music and fine arts.

P.S. Narayanaswamy

Even as music has been taught on almost one to one fashion, starting from Gurukulam pattern to assorted private tuition classes today, it has been a long cherished wish of senior musicians like me that music should be taught in a schematic way over a wide band of talented students which would only mean taking music to the lower rungs of society to relish its real worth. I am, indeed, happy that Bridge Academy has brought it to reality through its 8 Grade syllabus for music and dance.