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B. Sc. Digital Film Making
Certificate Awarded by Periyar University
Three Years (Non Semester)
Regular / Weekend
5 Hrs / Day
+2 or 10th Std. + 3 Yrs Diploma or Equivalent
Next Batch:
July 2017
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Photography - 2 Days Workshop

Next Batch : August 5th 2017
Timing: 6 Hrs / Day
Fees: Rs. 2500/- + Service Tax

Short Film Making - Workshop

Next Batch :August 5th 2017
Timing: (Saturday - 2 Days / 6Hrs a Day)
Fees: Rs. 4000/- + Service Tax

Stream A - Direction
Stream B - Cinematography
Stream C - Editing
Stream D - Sound Engineering

If Visual Communication is for people who majorly wish to engage in print and publishing based career, Digital Film Making is for students who aspire to pursue a full time career in direction, cinematography, sound technology and editing in specific. A pass in the plus two makes one eligible to pursue a full-fledged career in Digital Film Making and earn prestigious bachelor degree.

The advent of B.Sc., digital film making has opened a flood of opportunities for students in various departments of film-making. With the proliferation of digital technology, the demand for the number of proficient, sure-handed professionals in the field has increased manifold. Bridge Academy's main objective is bridge this gap with trained technicians who could be useful and effective for various aspects of film-making. B.Sc., in Digital Film Making is one of the most in-demand course study taken by students who aspire to be a part of the film industry.

Students have the discretion to choose from four streams - direction, cinematography, sound technology and editing. While the first year will be common to all four streams with subjects like elements of film, introduction to media scenario, history of cinema and basics of digital photography, the second year will have two specialized subjects for each stream such as script writing and narrative for direction, video editing and visual effects for editing, digital audio work station and audio recording techniques for sound engineering and basics of videography and lighting techniques for cinematography enrolls. And the final year will also have two specialized subjects for each stream which are given in detail in the table below.

Digital Film Making course description outlines

1st Year (All Subjects are common for all Streams)
Common Subject BFML01 Language(Tamil/Hindi/French/Malayalam) Theory
BFML02 English Theory
BFM01 Elements of Film Theory
BFM02 Introduction to Media Scenario Theory
BFM03 History of cinema Theory
BFMP01 Basics of digital Photography Practical
2nd Year (4 Common + 2 Specialization Subjects)
Common Subject BFM04 Film Theory Theory
BFM05 Art and Aesthetics Theory
BFM06 Post Production Techniques Theory
BFMP02 Film Criticism Practical
Stream A - Direction BFME01 Script Writing Practical
BFME02 Film Narrative Practical
Stream B - Cinematography BFME03 Basics of Videography Practical
BFME04 Lighting Techniques of Cinematography Practical
Stream C - Editing BFME05 Basics of Video Editing Practical
BFME06 Visual effects Practical
Stream D - Sound Engineering BFME07 Digital Audio Work Station Practical
BFME08 Audio Recording Techniques Practical
3rd Year (6 Common + 2 Specialization Subjects)
Common Subject BFM07 Cinema for Social Change Theory
BFM08 Film Promotion and Marketing Theory
BFM09 Media laws and Ethics Theory
BFMP03 Project on elective Practical
BFMP04 Internship Practical
BFMP05 Final Project Practical
Stream A - Direction BFME09 Directorial Practice Practical
BFME10 Film Direction Practical
Stream B - Cinematography BFME11 Camera Equipments And Techniques Practical
BFME12 Advanced cinematography  Practical
Stream C - Editing BFME13 Editing Techniques Practical
BFME14 Specialization Exercise : Film & Video Editing Practical
Stream D - Sound Engineering BFME15 Audio production Practical
BFME16 Analog mixing console Practical


The career opportunities vary as per the stream chosen by the student. For sound engineering, students have truckload of offers in audio companies, post-production units, audio labels, audio production, sound designing etc. For cinematography, students can land offers at production houses, corporate films and advertising companies to name a few. Direction and editing students have broad career offers in video production, satellite channels, video editing, feature films, corporate films etc.

Alumnis of Film Making Dept. with

Leading Directors, Cinematographer Like A.R. Murugadass, Samuthirakani, Atlee, Arivazhagan, M.S.Prabhu, RP Gurudev, Vijay chandar, Etc.,

After Completion of the Course
you can be

Film Maker, Asst. Director, Photographer, Asst. Cinematographer, Short Film Maker, Production Manager, Editor, Sound Engineer, Music Director.

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