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Diploma in Visual Communication
Certificate Awarded by Periyar University
One Year
Regular / Weekend
5 Hrs / Day
10th Standard or Equivalent
Next Batch:
July 2017
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Sound Engineering

Photography - 2 Days Workshop

Next Batch : August 5th 2017
Timing: 6 Hrs / Day
Fees: Rs. 2500/- + Service Tax

Short Film Making - Workshop

Next Batch :August 5th 2017
Timing: (Saturday - 2 Days / 6Hrs a Day)
Fees: Rs. 4000/- + Service Tax


Bridge Academy Film Institute helps students to get hands-on experience in Visual communication course with a strong

focus on subject-related aspects, visual communication course teaching method in our film institute with only practical and on-field training more than teaching just theory. Bridge Academy Film Institute is the first of its kind to give students a university certification.

Visual communication course is a creative process that blends art and technology to communicate ideas and information. A visual designer works with an array of communication mediums and tools in order to convey message to audience.

Visual communication course encompasses a wide range of field projects like Portfolio Development, Digital Video Editing, Drawing, Graphic designing, Digital Photography, Creative Video making, Web Designing, Commercial Advertising, Animation films, etc.

Visual communication course outlines areas like

Drawing:Study of Composition & Structure, Linear Drawing, Water Color, Using Different Types of Pencil and Shading, Proportion, Focal Point, Value Pattern, Light & Shadow and Cast Shadow, Art & Design, Storyboards, Human Anatomy Sketches, Movement in Drawing, Principles and Elements of Design, Applications of Geometrical Forms–2 dimensional and 3 dimensional, Colour and Space, Form and Space, Visual Structure.

Graphic Designing: Image Editing, Printing Basics, Color Theory, Digital Photo Editing, Scanning, Color Correction, Restoration, Typography, Collage Making, Logos & Illustrations, Page Making, Newspaper, Magazines, Advertisement, Poster & Brochures Designing, Product Label.

Editing:Grammar of Editing, Non-linear Editing, Edit Controls & Switchers, Colour Correction & Visual Effects, Transition, Titles, Computer Graphics, Sound Sweetening: Mono, Stereo & Surround Sound, Conversion.

Visual Effects:Rotoscoping, Wire Removal, Title animation, Compositing

Web Designing: Principle & Fundamentals of Web Design, Analyzing a Website, Types of Websites, Web Designing Tools, Site Types and Architectures.

E-learning: Introduction to Digital Image, Digital image on Various Media, Image Formats, How to construct a HTML page, Creating 2D Animation, Frame- and Tween-based Animation..

Media Orientation:Introduction to Indian Media Environment, Outline of Indian Media History, Basic Concepts and Characteristics of Different Media, Print Media, Cinema, Radio and Television, New Media..

Photography: History of Photography, Definition, Characteristics of Light, Camera and Lens, Types of Camera & Features, Chemistry of Photography, Technicality of Photography, Portraiture, Product, Landscape, Photo Feature, Panorama Photography.

Television Production:Understanding TV Medium, Video Formats, TV and Video Production Approaches, Audio Recording, Sound Manipulation, Shots LS/MS/CS/ Different Angles and Movement of Camera, 30° & 180° Rules of Video Recording, Different Lights, Camera Parts & Functions, Different Lenses & Filters, Grammar of Editing, Assembling, Continuity Editing, Non-linear Editing.


Short Film, Documentary Film, Ad. Film, Photography Portfolio, Animation Film, Website Designing, Print Designing, E-Learning, Self-Assessment Projects

Career in Visual Communication

Opportunities in media, publishing and design houses are made available for aspirants who have completed the viscom course

Alumnis of VIS-COM Dept.

After Completion of VIS-COM
you can be

Editor, Photographer, Cameraman, Graphics Designer, Web Designer, Graphics Artist, Animator, E-Book Designer, Photo Editor, Short Film Maker, visualizer

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