B.A. in Music



3 years



Weekly 5 Days
4 Hrs./Day



+2 or Equivalent

certificate by

Certificate by

Dr. J. Jayalalitha Music & Fine Arts University


BA Music or Bachelor of Arts in Music is an undergraduate course of 3 years which is divided into six semesters of study. This course focuses on importing training on all aspects of Carnatic music. An aspiring student who has completed 12th class/HSC/10+2 or equivalent level of examination from any recognized school board can approach this Bachelor level course. Obtain the great opportunity to become a professionalist.

Who can apply
  • People those who are passionate in Carnatic music learning.
  • People who are in need of professional understanding about Carnatic music
  • People Who are in thirst of learning strong fundamentals
  • Those who want to exploit opportunities in the field of Carnatic music
  • To encourage the study of performing arts particularly Carnatic music as a profession.
  • To provide adequate professional understanding about classical singing.
  • To benefit the cultural field by providing with well-trained person in the field of classical art Carnatic music
  • To develop the skills by providing training through practical & theoretical approach with modern technology amongst the students in Carnatic music /Performing Arts.
  • To create awareness about the opportunities around them and to provide platforms for their performance in sabhas & temples and to enable exposure through media.

Ist year - 1st Semester

Part-1 Language-Tamil paper- 1 (Basic Tamil) (OR) Part-1 Language Sanskrit paper-1 (Basic Sanskrit)

Part-2 English paper-(Basic English)

Part-3 Core paper-1,Theory-1(Basic Theory)

Part-3 Allied-1 Practical-1(Kalpitham)

Ist year - 2nd Semester

Part-1 Language-Tamil Paper-3 (Basic Translation) (OR) Part-1-Language-Sanskrit Paper-3 (Sanskrit Alankaras)

Part-3 Core paper- 3, Theory-2 (Basic Theory)

Part-2 English Paper-3 (Basic Translation)

Part-3 Core Paper Practical-2 (Kalpitham)

Part-3 Allied-3 Practical- (Kalpitham)

Environmental Studies

2nd year - 3rd Semester

Part-1-Language-Tamil Paper-3 (Basic Translation) (OR) Part-1-Language-Sanskrit Paper-3 (Sanskrit Alankaras)

Part-2 English Paper-3 (Basic Translation)

Part-3 Core paper-3,Theory-3 (Basic Theory)

Part-3 Core Paper Practical-3 (Kalpitham)

Part-3 Allied-3 Practical-3 (Kalpitham)

Part-4 Elective-1 Paper-1- Western music

Part-4 NME-1-Paper-1- Computer Applications

Part-4 SBE-1-Paper-1-Bowing & Fingering Techniques- a little involved

2nd year - 4th Semester

Part-1-Language-Tamil Paper-4 (Tamil Literature) (OR) Part-1-Language-Sanskrit Paper-2 (Sanskrit Literature)

Part– 2 English Paper-4 Basic Grammar

Part-3 Core paper–6–Theory-4

Part-3 Core Paper Practical-4–Kalpitham and Manodharma

Part-3 Allied–4 paper–4- Kalpitham

Part-4 Elective-1 Paper-1-Choir Music

Part-4 NME-1-Paper-1-Music Engineering

Part-4 SBE-2-Paper-2-Laya aspects and exercises


3rd year - 5th Semester

Part-3 Core Paper-9 Theory-5

Part-3 Core Paper-10 Practical-5

Part-3 Core Paper-11 Practical-6

Part-3 Core Paper-12 Practical-7

Part-4 Elective-3 Paper-3- Film Music

Part-4 SBE-3 Paper-3- Instruments Maintenance

3rd year - 6th Semester

Part–3 Core Paper-13 Theory-6,Music History-1

Part-3 Core Paper-15 Practical-8

Part-3 Core Paper-16 Practical-9

Part-3 Core Paper-17 Practical-10 Concert paper

Part-4 Elective-4 Paper-4-Thirupugazh in Chanda Thalas

Part-4 SBE-4 Paper-4- Music Composing

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