Diploma in Carnatic Music- Valarmani



6 Months
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15
Knowledge in Ilamani course

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Bharathidasan University


Take a step forward and learn Carnatic music with excellent proficiency. This Intermediate Carnatic music course is designed to improvise the skills of Carnatic music beginners. People who are enthusiastic in this artistic expression, can seek this Intermediate course after the effective completion of IsaiIlamani course.This course Introduces new scales apart from mayamalavagowlai in different ragas , varnams & kritis , therefore enhancing the voice culture and teaching the subtle nuances of raga handling .This is the stage at which a student should cultivate a regular habit of hearing the performances of legendary as well as other professional singers and instrumental players. To turn into an Expertise in Carnatic music, you should come across this Intermediate Programme and By the end of this Programme, you will be ready to progress forward with the more advanced lessons in Carnatic music.

Who can apply
  • Those who are interested in pursuing their singing passion.
  • People who have experienced the aspects of Isai Ilamani course.
  • Those who want to proceed music from basic to advanced levels.
  • who are dedicated to learn the nuances of Carnatic music to move on to further levels.
  • Those who want to learn basics of Kalpanaswaram.
  • Ability to make the students sing jumbled swara patterns, in different combinations.
  • Ability to handle jumbled swara patterns acquiring more perfection of notes.
  • Learns to sing the varisais and varnam with akaaram to enhance voice culture and raga handling.
  • Ability to understand the basics of Kalpanaswaram
  • Creates interest among the Students to undergo the next stage of learning music.
  • Confidence to sing in front of audience is the need of the hour.


  • Basics in Different Ragas like (Sankarabharanam , Kalyani, Hamsadhwani, Hindholam)
  • Thana Varnam & Ata Thala Varnam
  • Keerthana any 5 from the following ragas
  • Sankarabharanam, Kalyani, Kharaharapriya, Panthuvarali, Keeravani,Dharmavathi, Mohanam, Hamsadhwani, Abhogi, Sahana
  • Kalpanaswaram in any of the three ragas from above prescribed ragas.
  • Kavadichindhu & Purandaradasar
  • Ragamalika & Thillana


  • Musical forms :Geetham, Jathiswaram , Swarajathi
  • Structure of 72 Melakartha , Divisions of Janya ragas
  • Musical Instruments : Violin, Mridangam
  • Raga Lakshana of Sankarabharanam,Kalyani, Mohanam, Hamsadhwani, Karaharapriya, Panthuvarali
  • Biography and musical contribution of Tamizhisai Moovar & 12 Alwars

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