Diploma in Carnatic Music - Mudhumani



1 Year
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15
Knowledge in Valarmani Course

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Bharathidasan University


Experience the Carnatic Music Master classes from the renowned gurus. If you are aware of the aspects of Isai valarmani, this platform will be a suitable circumstance to enhance your skills to reach your dream with your atmost dedication. Grab this great opportunity and Expertise in different kinds of musical forms, manodharmam & RTP in a traditional & a disciplined way with some nuances of concert procedures to improve your competitive and performance skills. By the end of the course, advanced Carnatic music learner can emerge out as flying colors. As a live performer - can resonate the energy of the performer right into the hearts of the audience, as a choreographer can form their own group and build their choreography and as a teacher, you will impart your knowledge to new learners.

Who can apply
  • People those who are passionate in Carnatic music learning.
  • People who are in need of professional understanding about Carnatic music
  • People Who are in thirst of learning different kinds of Musical forms with manodharmam.
  • Those who want to exploit opportunities in the field of Carnatic music
  • Those who want to learn intricacies in Padam, Jawali, Thillana, Ashtapathi & Bhajan
  • People who have the dream of becoming a convincing Performer, Teacher & Choreographer.
  • Gets introduced to sing kritis in vilambakalam
  • Understands the method of singing Kalpanaswaras theoretically and practically.
  • Ability to sing raga alapana for some ragas with niraval and kalpanaswaram
  • Ability to enter into the manodharmam path to travel in music world with deep knowledge.
  • Confidence to sing in front of audience is the need of the hour.


  • Basic varisais with with 1/4 ,1/2, & 3/4 idam
  • Basic varisais( in 7 speeds )
  • Padavarnam & Pancharatnam Keerthana any 5 from the following ragas
  • Harikambhodhi, Thodi, Bhairavi, Simmendramadhyamam, Begada, Shanmugapriya Hindholam, Amrithavarshini
  • Ragam, niraval & Kalpanaswaram for any of 3 ragas from above Prescribed ragas
  • Pallavi singing
  • DivyaPrabhandham, Padam, Jawali


  • Thala DasaPranas & DasavidhaGamakas
  • Musical forms :Varnam, Kriti, Keerthanai, Padam, Jawali & Thillana
  • Manodarmasangeetham
  • Raga Lakshanas :Harikambhodhi, Thodi, Bhairavi, Simmendramadhyamam, Begada , Shanmugapriya
  • Musical Notations & Musical Sources
  • Life history and contribution of Thyagarajar, Dikshitar, Syamasastri, SwathiThirunal, Papanasamsivan, Koteeswara Iyer
  • Introduction to Hindustani & Folk Music

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