Certificate Course in Foundation of Carnatic Music



3 Months
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15

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Bharathidasan University


Begin your Carnatic Music journey as a passionate learner. This beginner level Carnatic Music course is created with an intent of having everyone to taste the pride of Carnatic Music, with a Strong Fundamentals of Carnatic music, irrespective of their age. This is a comprehensive course for all beginners and explains the nuances of each concept which needs to be known by every Carnatic music basic learner. This course attempts in building confidence in students to sing irrespective of their voice quality. If you complete the Carnatic music Basics- Step by step, you can proceed to the next level of Learning.

Who can apply
  • Freshers those who want to take their career as Carnatic music.
  • Those who are interested in pursuing their singing passion.
  • People who want to get strong in their fundamentals.
  • People who want to brush up their fundamentals after a long break.
  • Ability to identify their pitch or the octave
  • Getting Familiar with the notes of Mayamalavagowlai
  • Basic sense of timing or rhythm
  • Acquires knowledge of basic concepts of raga and tala
  • Ability to render basic varisais in 3 – 4 speeds.
  • Knowledge of getting strong foundation on Carnatic music to proceed to a next level.
  • Creates interest among the students to perceive the next level of learning Carnatic music with the strong foundation.


  • Sarali varisai - 14 in 3 speeds
  • Janta varisai - 9 in 3 speeds
  • Uppersthayi varisai - 5 in 3 speeds
  • Lowersthayi varisai - 5 in 3 speeds
  • Dhattu varisai - 4 in 3 speeds
  • Alankaram - 7 in 3 speeds
  • Bharathiyar song / Devotional song / Bhajan


  • Introduction to Music
  • Definition for Nadam, Sruthi & Sthayi, SapthaSwaras & 12 Swarasthanas
  • Notes on Purvanga, Utharanga, Dhathu, Mathu, Tala, Avartha, Angas, Shadangas
  • Sapthathalas & their angas
  • Short Notes on ThevaraMoovar, Manickavasagar, Purandaradasar, Trinities
  • Raga Classification – Mela raga Janya Raga & divisions of Janya raga

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