Certificate Course in Music

Course Overview

Music comprises a combination of vocal music, and instrumental music. It introduces music notation and basic music theory topics such as intervals, scales, keys and chords, as well as basic rhythm skills.

Certificate course in Music will be a good opportunity for the Music beginners, as we start with very basic level and the syllabus is simple. Music certificate programs give students a basic understanding of topics such as music theory, music history and songwriting. Students get a lot of hands-on experience in sight-reading and practices as well.

Stream A: Vocal
Stream B: Violin
Stream C: Veena
Stream D: Flute
Stream E: Nadaswaram
Stream F: Keyboard
Stream G: Mridangam
Stream H: Thavil


Paper Course Name Practical / Theory
1. Theory -1 T
2. Allied -1
(Select any stream from A to H)
3. Practical – 1
(Select any stream from A to H)
4. Project P

Topics Covered

  • Definition for basic musical terms.
  • Saptha Thalas Their Angas, classification of Ragas
  • Life History of Composers.
  • Fundamental varisais up to Varnam and Simple Songs
  • Mirdangam: fundamental lessons, forms, mohras, korvais in adhi and rupaka thalam; basics of chapu thala.
  • Thavil: Pilayar padam, 1,2,4 vazhi padangal for chatusra jathi triputa, thisra ekam, misra chapu and kanda chapu thalam.


Studying Music opens up many career opportunities. As well as jobs in music (from performance, composition, and production, through teaching, music therapy and community arts, to arts management and industry, and a lot more besides), employers in many sectors are increasingly seeking arts and humanities graduates for their transferable skills. As a music student, you achieve creative flair and imagination, confidence in expressing yourself, openness to new ideas, a capacity for hard work and an ability to analyse data. You learn the value of working with others towards a shared, finished product and a whole range of flexible, professional skills.

Course Details


One Year


Regular:Monday to Friday (4Hrs/Day)
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday(2Hrs/Day)


10thStd Or Equivalent
Age No Bar


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