Certificate Course in Foundation of Bharatanatyam



3 Months
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15

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Certificate by

Bharathidasan University


Begin your Bharatanatyam journey as a passionate learner. This beginner level Bharatanatyam course is created with an intent of having everyone to taste the pride of Bharatanatyam, with a Strong Fundamentals of Bharatanatyam, irrespective of their age. This is a comprehensive course for all beginners and explains the nuances of each concept which needs to be known by every Bharatanatyam basic learner. If you complete the Bharatanatyam Basics- Step by step, you can proceedto the next level of Learning

Who can apply
  • This course is suitable for students those who are beginners to the field of Bharatanatyam
  • Those who are interested in pursuing their dancing passion
  • This course is also for those who would like to brush up their basics in Bharatanatyam
  • To prepare the body to cope with the intricacies of the art form
  • Ability to understand Adavus
  • Pracitising 12 kinds of Adavus in 3 speeds
  • Basic sense of timing or rhythm
  • Practical learning experience with new technology
  • Creates interest among the students to perceive the next level of learning Bharatanatyam.


  • Thattadavu
  • Naatadavu
  • Meetadavu
  • Kuthithumettadavu
  • Korvaiadavu
  • Kuththadavu
  • Sarukaladavu
  • Thattumettadavu
  • Paichaladavu
  • Sarigaadavu
  • Theermanadavu
  • Mandiadavu
  • Alankara adavu, Mei adavu
  • Adavukorvai


  • Kinds of Adavus
  • Forms of Dance
  • Details of Abhinaya
  • Thala Angam
  • Saptha thalam
  • Anga, Upanga & Prathyanga
  • Jaathi, Solkattu, Jathi
  • Natya, Nruthya, Nadagam, Lakshya, Thandavam
  • Guru Lakshana, Shishya Lakshana, Saba Lakshana
  • Two kinds of Mudhra
  • Kingini Lakshana

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