Diploma in Carnatic Music



1 year
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15
Basic knowledge in Music

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Certificate by

Bharathidasan University


Get Professionally trained in Carnatic music with Bridge Academy's Music Experts. People who are in thirst of learning a simple Margam of saralivarisai to Manodharmam, can opt this One-Year course. The Diploma in Music course aims To provide adequate professional understanding about Musical forms.If you would like to brush up the sort that was already taught, you'll prefer this course. If you wish to experience the subtle nuances of Carnatic music at deeper level, you can choose the 2 years Diploma as Isai Ilamani, valarmani & Mudhumani .

Who can apply
  • People those who are passionate in Carnatic music learning.
  • People who are in need of professional understanding about Carnatic music
  • People Who are in thirst of learning Musical forms & Manodharmam
  • Those who want to exploit opportunities in the field of Carnatic music
  • To encourage the study of performing arts particularly Carnatic music as a profession.
  • To provide adequate professional understanding about classical singing.
  • To benefit the cultural field by providing with well-trained person in the field of classical art Carnatic music
  • To develop the skills by providing training through practical & theoretical approach with modern technology amongst the students in Carnatic music /Performing Arts.


  • Basic varisais
  • Geetham ,Jathiswaram & Swarajathi
  • Adhi tala varnam & Ata tala varnam
  • Compositions on given ragas
        1) Mayamalavagowlai

        2) Sankarabaranam

        3) Hamsadhwani

      4) Mohanam
    And kalpanaswaram for any 2 ragas from the above list.
  • Tevaram ,DivyaPrabandham, Thiruppugazh, Purandaradasar & Annamacharya
  • Allied
  • Project


  • Definitions ? Music & Basic Musical terms, Swarasthanas, vadhi, samvadhi, anuvadhi, vivadhi, Suladhisapthathalas, Taladasapranas , 35 Thalas
  • Definitions ? Gitam, Jathiswaram, Swarajathi, Varnam & Keerthana
  • 72 Melascheme , Raga Classifications
  • Structure & definition : Tambura, Veena, Mridangam, violin, Nadaswaram & Tavil
  • ManodharmaSangitham
  • Raga Lakshanas for the following :
        1) Mayamalavagowlai

        2) Sankarabaranam

        3) Kalyani

        4) karaharapriya

        5) Mohanam

        6) Hamsadwani
  • life History :Appar, Sundarar, Arunagirinathar, Muthuthandavar, Purandaradasar, Thyagarajar, MuthuswamyDikshitar, SwathiTirunal

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