Diploma in Nattuvangam - Mudhumani



6 months
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15
Knowledge in Nattuvanga Valarmani

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Certificate by

Bharathidasan University


To Expertise / Master in Nattuvangam , explore the Nattuvanga Mudhumani course. This program offers an aesthetic presentation of Nattuvangam with the intricacies of Thala aspects in composing jathis, theermanams for a traditional Margam. Inspired aspirants of Bharatanatyam can fulfil their dream by exploring the subtle nuances of laya aspects, can opt this Nattuvangam Advanced course for presenting their dance in a professional way and prior to this program, they should come across the aspects of Nattuvanga valarmani course.

Who can apply
  • A Teacher who want to study the art of nattuvangam in depth.
  • Learners who are in the field of dance minimum of 3 years trained the aspects of Nattuvanga Valarmani program.
  • A learner who wants to master in the art of reciting syllables , playing thattukazhi and Playing Nattuvanga thalam
  • Those who want to make their own jathis.
  • Who are in thirst of making Theermanams
  • A dancer who wants to enhance their skills in nattuvangam
  • To provide adequate professional understanding about laya aspects
  • To train the learner in the art of playing thattukazhi & Nattuvanga thalam.
  • Understanding the Jathis & theermanams, playing for composition
  • Confidence in teaching the fundamental thala structures to their students
  • Creates interest among the learners to undergo the next stage of learning nattuvangam

Level - 7

  • Padhavarnam
  • Panchajathi in varnam
  • Swarajathi
  • Keerthanai
  • Padam
  • Method of reciting Thattukazhi
  • Thillana korvais
  • Choreography

Level - 8

  • Ragamalika, Thalamalika uruppadi
  • Thevaram
  • Santhathalam in dance
  • Divyaprabhandham
  • Dharu, prabhandham
  • Dimensions of anga
  • Conclusions that nattuvanar should know

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