Diploma in Nattuvangam - Ilamani



6 months
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15
Basic Knowledge in Adavus

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Certificate by

Bharathidasan University


Nattuvangam is the art of reciting the syllables and playing cymbals(Nattuvanga Thalam) that follows the footwork of the dancer.As the Nattuvangam is a very important adjunct of the Bharatanatyam recital, it is very essential for any Bharatanatyam learner to know the subtle nuances of nattuvangam. People who are passionate in pursuing their dancing career as a Performer,Teacher or Nattuvanar, can choose this beginner level Nattuvangam and can experience the aspects of foundational techniques with 3 level of programmes.

Who can apply
  • A Teacher who want to study the art of nattuvangam in depth.
  • Learners who are in the field of dance minimum of 3 years.
  • A beginner student who wants to understand and learn the art of reciting syllables and playing thattukazhi
  • A dancer who wants to enhance their skills in nattuvangam
  • To provide basic understanding about laya aspects.
  • To understand the thala varieties.
  • To train the learner in the art of playing thattukazhi
  • Learning 35 & 175 thalas
  • Understanding Anuloma & Prathiloma practice
  • Confidence in teaching the fundamental thala structures to their students
  • Creates interest among the learners to undergo the next stage of learning nattuvangam

Level - 1

  • Thalam
  • Saptathalas
  • Five jathis
  • Chaputhalas
  • Shodasanga details
  • Layam
  • Structure of laghu
  • 35 thalas/usage in hands
  • 175 thalas/usage in hands
  • Tala dasa pranas
  • Thala table
  • Learning words & syllables in three speeds
  • Learning sarali & janta

Level - 2

  • Calculation of Thalas
  • Adavus with Three Speed
  • Pancha nadai Adavus
  • Thathakara sorkal / syllables
  • Pancha jathi Sorkattu
  • Adavus in sapthathalas
  • Adavus in 35 Thallas
  • Adavus in 175 Thallas
  • Adavus in Jaathi
  • Jathi and Naadai

Level - 3

  • Calculation of Thathinginathom
  • Practice of Eka Talam Thathinginathom
  • PanchaJathi Thathinginathom
  • SaptaTalam Thathinginathom
  • 35 Tala Thathinginathom
  • Nadai and Gathi Thathinginathom
  • Thathinginathom in Eduppu
  • Thathinginathom in ChapuTalam
  • Explanantion of Dhvani
  • Explanation of Sound

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