Diploma in Nattuvangam - Valarmani



6 months
Regular & Online



Weekly 2 Days
1 Hr./Session



Minimum Age 15
Basic Knowledge in
Nattuvanga Ilamani

certificate by

Certificate by

Bharathidasan University


A Dancer for presenting dance with aesthetic effect always tries to keep link with Nattuvangam, the traditional way of teaching classical dance from the olden days by professional teachers. People who are in thirst of traditional way of teaching classical dancewith the complete laya aspects can opt this Nattuvangam Intermediate course for presenting their dance in a professional way and prior to this program, they should come across the aspects of Nattuvanga Valarmani course.

Who can apply
  • A Teacher who want to study the art of nattuvangam in depth.
  • Learners who are in the field of dance minimum of 3 years.
  • A beginner student who wants to understand and learn the art of reciting syllables and playing thattukazhi
  • Those who want to make their own jathis.
  • Who are in thirst of making Theermanams
  • A dancer who wants to enhance their skills in nattuvangam
  • To provide adequate professional understanding about laya aspects
  • To understand the thala varieties.
  • To train the learner in the art of playing thattukazhi
  • Understanding the Jathis & theermanams
  • Confidence in teaching the fundamental thala structures to their students
  • Creates interest among the learners to undergo the next stage of learning nattuvangam

Level - 4

  • Eduppu, Thoduppu, Mudippu, Arudhi
  • Theermanam, Mohra, Nadai
  • Konnakol in dance
  • Method of nattuvangam
  • Kuraippu
  • Kinds of Thaththakara

Level - 5

  • The possibilities of Jathis
  • Pattern of korvai
  • Reciting method of thala
  • Adhi, rupaka, chaputhala jathi
  • Sapthathalajathis
  • 35 & 175 thalajathis
  • Nadai & Gathibhedas

Level - 6

  • Invocatory item
  • Panchajathi alarippu
  • Mallari
  • Kauthuvam ,Thodaya Mangalam
  • Jathiswaram
  • Arangakattu
  • Panchajathi korvai

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