Grade Exams

   Why Gradation?

  • There is no unique way of teaching and no common syllabifor Indian TamilArt Forms.
  • There needs a standardization and certification process for the students to encourage them and for teachers to evaluate their knowledge.By affiliating with Bridge you can follow the common Universal syllabus for Indian Tamil Art forms. And More..

   Gradation Benefits for teachers

  • Teachers will get to know their students level and can guide them to develop their skills and motivate them for best performance.
  • Teachersand outstanding students get an opportunity to perform in our Cultural event and various national and international sabhas
  • Free Workshop and updates on your core area.More...

Grade Assessment

  • Grade Examinations will be conducted twice in a year(January/July)
  • The Exam assessment will be 70% for Practical and 30% for theory
  • Some streams will have theory paper also.More...

Grade Syllabus

You can get 8 grade Syllabus for the following subjects,both Theory and Practical:

  • 1. Bharathanatyam
  • 2. Carnatic Music(voacl,Violin,Venna,Keyboard,Flute)
  • 3. Mirdangam
  • 4. Thavil
  • 5. Drawing & Painting
  • 6. Tamil Folk Music
  • 7. Kuchupudi
  • 8. Odissi
  • 9. Kathak
  • 10. Western Music(Keyboard,Piano,Guitar,Violin,Drums)Syllabus...

   How to Apply?

  • “Register” yourselves; will receive a Unique Id, Username and Password
  • You will receive the Syllabus and Exercise books.
  • Implement the syllabus to your students and choose the appearing grade for each student and apply for 8 Grade Exam.
  • Teachers will receive updates on our upcoming events.More…


  • There is no age limit to appear for any grades
  • Gradation scales are from 1 to 8
  • However a student can apply for any grade directly based on their level of competence. More...

Exam Fees Structure

  • Based on the countries exam fees will vary
  • Other countries can attend exam through online
  • Candidatescan skip lower grades and apply directly to a higher grade shall pay additional fees for each grade skipped. More…

Exam Schedule

  • We conduct Direct and Online exams.
  • According to the country and strength the tentative exam dates and center will be scheduled.More…