About Us

Bridge Academy College of Music & Fine Arts is one of the premier institutions offering Certificate, Diploma, Degree, MPhil, Ph.D. programme in various fine arts, dance and music specializations. Bridge academy is always considered as one of the best music schools in Chennai around Tamilnadu.

School of Music and Fine Art programmes combine fine arts courses which yield more career opportunities in music industry. Students are provided with the good learning environment by professional expert – a careful balance of keeping tradition and induce creativity in Music and fine arts.

Beyond being in classroom our music academy will also give more exposure in industry by conducting internship, master classes by visiting experts in field, giving opportunities to exhibit their skills in front of music industry specialists as well.

Bridge Academy has introduced 8 grade systems in Music, Dance and Fine Arts to bridge the gap between the learning and certification in the field of fine arts. This would also help teachers to nurture the talents of their students to excel and to motivate them to outperform in their chosen field of music and fine arts.

By integrating various institutions under one roof, Bridge Academy is working towards harmony and uniformity among various schools of teaching in the larger interest of standardization of Music, Dance & Fine Arts.

We are conducting workshops to create awareness on our heritage and traditional Value. In India, around 1500 plus teachers are registered and following 8 Grade System. We have also conducted many workshops in Malaysia as well as in Srilanka related to Our 8 Grade systems.

Bridge academy of music and fine arts always seeks to provide music and dance education that builds character and personality, preparing students to enter the media industry as composers, dancers, choreographers, Songwriters, teachers, dance masters etc.


The objective of the Trust is mainly to aggregate talented youngsters and trained teachers in order to create a systematic and channelized pattern of teaching music and dance. This is the concept over which the 8 Grade Syllabus was designed.

Bridge Academy has done in-depth study and research in this area with the help of experts resulting in introduction of 8 grade system in music, Dance and Fine Arts.

The 8 grade system is being implemented through teachers and institutions worldwide, bringing harmony and uniformity amongst them. It provides platform to students who excel in grade examinations.


To help students Enrich, Enjoy, Excel in Music, Dance and Fine Arts


To Standardize syllabus for various arts forms leading to 8 grade system