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  • time :4.30 pm to 6.00 pm
  • venue :Online

Drawing & Painting - Portrait by an Expert Mr.A.Z.Ranjit - Bridge Academy.

A portrait is a portrayal of a person, usually showing the person's face. A portrait can be a painting, a photograph, an ink drawing, a sculpture or even a description in words or in a film. Portrait is a term often used when talking about artwork.

This video is all about :
* How to draw eyes
* How to draw nose
* How to draw Ears
* How to draw lips

This video is a Part of " Bridge Academy's Online Workshop" ( Lockdown webinar series ) Lockdown Webinar Series - Drawing Workshop / Lec-dem series Organised by Bridge Academy is a genuine attempt to make people engaged in Drawing with more active and with more motivation in the Pandemic situation.