• 1 year
  • Regular & Online
  • +2 or 10th Std
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  • Regular:Mon to Fri (4Hrs/Day)
  • Weekend: Sat & Sun(4Hrs/Day)

"The creation of a thousand forests lies in one acorn" Creating a story from the stills, videos, music and sounds present, watching as they lilt into what you imagined it to be is a pleasure we can help you experience. Our film editing diploma course is one of the best cinematography courses in Chennai. It is structured to provide training in the most necessary video editing and creative subjects The film editing course outlines many real-time projects like Movie trailers, teasers, promos, Film/Teleserial editing, Ad film composition, Blue/Green Screen production, Rotoscoping, Wire Removal, Color Correction. These skills can help video editors make a career in film making with ease and confidence.

  • Priniciples of Film Editing Course & Post-Production: Foundation of Editing, Audio Alignments in Editing, Basics of PAL and National Television Standards Committee (NTSC), Video Formats, Rough Cut Inferior Format, Audio in Post Production, Roll of Time Code, Capturing Techniques, Fire wire, Capture Cards, Compressed and Uncompressed Footages, Working with ATA, SATA and SCSI Hard Disks, Frame Aspect, Editing Techniques, Cuts and Transition, Film Editing Techniques, Advanced Offline and Online Editing, Multiple Tracks, Story Board Editing, Timeline and Tracks, Advanced Trimming: Roll, Ripple and Extended, Creating Subclips with Marker, Nested Sequence, Advantage of Color Correction, Filters, Usage of Filters, Modifications, Video Generators, Color Matte and Shapes, Sequence Setting, Managing Rendering, Exporting Edit Decision List (EDL), Final Master CD / DVD.

Video Editing

  • Promo, Teaser, Movie Editing Techniques, Short Film Editing, Different Types of Editing Cuts, Color Correction, Video-Audio Synchronizing, Using Video Filters, Transition.

Compositing & VFX

  • Using Green Matte & its Techniques, Wire Removal, Rotoscoping, Title Animation, Morphing. Color Correction, Morphing. Audio Recording: Recording, Audio Automation, Using Filters, Audio Transition, Audio & Video Formats. After film editing course completion, placement is provided in various media fields to the aspirant ones.

Film Editing Projects Movie Trailer, Promos, Teasers, Film Editing, Tele - Serial Editing, Ad Film Composition, Blue & Green Screen Production, Rotoscoping, Wire Removal, Color Correction.