• 6 months
  • Online
  • Minimum Age 15
  • Weekly 2 Days
  • 2 Hr./Session

This course will teach systematic Drawing and Painting with the innovative methods and materials of Fine Art. This will be an interactive online class structure where theory and practicals will be experienced and evaluated during class and as assignments after class hours.The course aims at providing a comprehensive outlook of the subject to the students so that they can withstand the demand of application in the job market as well as they should be able to build on this knowledge base at the higher level of study in the respective domain.

Principles Of Visual Elements

  • To help understand and learn graphic design elements and principles to conceptualize ideas in graphic form and creatively produce designs.

Pencil Drawing

  • Students are exposed to different kinds of drawing pencils and drawing papers.
  • Line Drawing
  • Pencil Shading
  • Symmetrical Drawing
  • Object Drawing
  • Perspective Drawing
  • Still Life Drawing,
  • Human Anatomy
  • Animal Anatomy Drawing.

Water Color Painting

  • Understanding color, and usage of water medium and creating art.
  • Kinds of watercolors, watercolor brushes and different papers for watercolor painting.
  • Value scale shade card and color mixing shade card.
  • Landscape Painting
  • Still life compositions,Floral painting, Animal and bird study.

Oil Painting

  • Understanding color, and usage of Oil medium and creating art.
  • Kinds of Oil Colors, Oil color brushes, Canvases and mixing mediums.
  • Landscape Painting
  • Still life compositions
  • Floral painting study
  • Portrait study

Graphics Designing

  • To study the form and structure of animate and inanimate objects and learn the process of visual representation of ideas and to help learn graphic design principles and conceptualize ideas in graphic form.

Those who are passionate to become artist can attain professional To equip the candidate with adequate knowledge of methods and materials to pursue Art as a career becoming an Artist or Art teacher.