Short Film Making

Course Overview

The transformation of short film-makers to feature film-makers has been evident and encouraging in the film industries across the world. This course is intended for students who are willing to professionally learn the various theories involved in short film-making like idea to screenplay, pre-production, & post-production, practical sessions in script writing, storyboard direction, casting process, emotions, types of shots, camera movements, screening of model films and planning & budgeting. The course study has been prepared by an expert committee who has weighed the various factors involved in certificate short film-making course and its execution

The number of festivals conducted specifically for short film-makers is witnessing a new high in the contemporary film-making world and the diverse career options it offers has also become attractive. If you are someone who is willing to take the road less travelled with conviction, this is a tailor-made course for you.


  • Idea to Screenplay, Pre production, Production & Post-production
  • Basics of Script Writing
  • Film Techniques
  • Story Discussions (Short Films)
  • Basics of Cinematic shots & Camera Movements
  • Advertisement Film Making
  • Planning & Budgeting


The recent plunge of short film makers entering the industry is a testimony that they are the most sought after bunch by experienced directors. Film-makers prefer professional assistants for their films than someone who is just possessed with passion and love. Big production houses, corporate firms are areas where short-film makers can venture into for a great career

Course Details


1 year


Regular:Monday to Friday (4Hrs/Day)
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday(4Hrs/Day)


8thStd. or Equivalent


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