• 6 months
  • Regular & Online
  • +2 or 10th Std
  • Equivalent
  • Reg: Mon to Fri (4Hrs/Day)
  • Weekend: Sat & Sun(4Hrs/Day)

You really want to make a noise in the audio industry, an Sound Engineering course is the perfect place to start. Audio Production & Recording Arts is the art of understanding sound, its various properties and manipulating sound using creativity and technology to bring out quality masterpieces. A Diploma in Audio engineering provides students with the practical skill necessary to work in the entertainment and music industries providing training in the theory and practice of industry standard methods, focusing on both the technical and creative aspects, offering students the technical skills and knowledge necessary for careers in audio engineering and music production. It is built on a foundation of advanced theory and practical application and includes an internship program, preparing students for the day-to-day realities and challenges of audio engineering.Bridge Academy Film Institute helps in building the creative knowledge of students, full of tips and tricks, which will open up the possibilities in real-time production.

  • Studio techniques
  • Principles of sound
  • DAW operation
  • Microphone techniques
  • Signal processing
  • Production techniques
  • Audio engineering principles
  • Sound design
  • Analog and digital consoles
  • Live sound
  • Audio for various media
  • Critical listening
  • Industry knowledge


  • Recording, Editing, Audio Post Production, Mixing & Mastering, Live Sound Reinforcement, Dubbing, Foley and FX Recording.

Audio Engineering Career Options

  • Studio Sound Recordist / Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, roadcast Engineer, Audio Post-Production, Music and Dialogue Editor, Location Recordist, Digital Media Entrepreneur.

Your Learning Experience

  • Start working with industry standard microphones, mixing consoles and digital audio work stations. Develop high-level skills on industry-standard software.Master your craft on small and large format consoles and record the music genres you are interested in Get practical experience in live sound, audio post production, and audio for film and television. Learn the principles of sound and audio technology – crucial knowledge for specialists in the audio industry.

Short Films, Photography Portfolio, Story Boarding, Video song.