Diploma in Visual Communication

Course Overview

Bridge Academy provides the best visual communication course, designed to enrich the knowledge base of students and to give them the chance to learn the practical nuances of the film industry. Our One Year Diploma course is structured to enhance the skills of students in production, photography, designing and media related aspects.

As a leading visual communication and graphic design school in Chennai, we provide a university certificate to our students. "We do and we learn" is the motto we follow. Our practical and hands-on approach to graphic design, advertising and visual communication topics makes the student prepared for a career in the field of visual communication in Chennai.


Drawing: Study of Composition & Structure, Linear Drawing, Water Color, Using Different Types of Pencil and Shading, Proportion, Focal Point, Value Pattern, Light & Shadow and Cast Shadow, Art & Design, Storyboards, Human Anatomy Sketches, Movement in Drawing, Principles and Elements of Design, Applications of Geometrical Forms dimensional and 3 dimensional, Colour and Space, Form and Space, Visual Structure.

Graphic Designing: Image Editing, Printing Basics, Color Theory, Digital Photo Editing, Scanning, Color Correction, Restoration, Typography, Collage Making, Logos & Illustrations, Page Making, Newspaper, Magazines, Advertisement, Poster & Brochures Designing, Product Label.

Media Orientation: Introduction to Indian Media Environment, Outline of Indian Media History, Basic Concepts and Characteristics of Different Media, Print Media, Cinema, Radio and Television, New Media.

Post-Production Technology: Foundation of Editing, Audio Alignments in Editing, Video Formats, Rough Cut Inferior Format, Audio in Post Production, Roll of Time Code, Capturing Techniques, Fire wire, Capture Cards, Compressed and Uncompressed Footages, Working with ATA, SATA and SCSI Hard Disks, Frame Aspect, Editing Techniques, Cuts and Transition, Film Editing Techniques, Visual Effects.

Television Production: Understanding TV Medium, Video Formats, TV and Video Production Approaches, Audio Recording, Sound Manipulation, Shots LS/MS/CS/ Different Angles and Movement of Camera, 30 & 180 Rules of Video Recording, Different Lights, Camera Parts & Functions, Different Lenses & Filters, Grammar of Editing, Assembling, Continuity Editing, Non-linear Editing.

Photography: History of Photography, Definition, Characteristics of Light, Camera and Lens, Types of Camera & Features, Chemistry of Photography, Technicality of Photography, Portraiture, Product, Landscape, Photo Feature, Panorama Photography.

Advertising Introduction to Advertising; Structure and Functioning of an Ad Agency; Advertiser-Agency Relationship, Audience Analysis, Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Audience Research, Creative Aspects of Advertising in Print and Electronic Media, Creative Use of Media, Traditional and New Media, The Role of PR in Advertising, Advertising Social Issues, Political Advertising, Dynamics of Creating and Executing the Complete Campaign Strategy.

Projects Short Film, Documentary Film, Ad. Film, Photography Portfolio, Animation Film, Website Designing, Print Designing, E-Learning, Self-Assessment Projects

Web Designing: Principle & Fundamentals of Web Design, Analyzing a Website, Types of Websites, Web Designing Tools, Site Types and Architectures.

E-learning: Introduction to Digital Image, Digital image on Various Media, Image Formats, How to construct a HTML page, Creating 2D Animation, Frame- and Tween-based Animation.

Editing: Grammar of Editing, Non-linear Editing, Edit Controls & Switchers, Colour Correction & Visual Effects, Transition, Titles, Computer Graphics, Sound Sweetening: Mono, Stereo & Surround Sound, Conversion.

Visual Effects: Rotoscoping, Wire Removal, Title animation, Compositing


Opportunities in media, publishing and design houses are made available for aspirants who have completed the viscom course

Course Details


One Year


Regular:Monday to Friday (4Hrs/Day)
Weekend: Saturday & Sunday(4Hrs/Day)


10thStd. Equivalent


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