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Bridge Academy College of Music & Fine Arts is one of the premier institutions offering Certificate, Diploma and Degree programme in various fine arts, dance and music specializations. Bridge academy is always considered as one of the best finearts schools in Chennai around Tamilnadu.

To help students Enrich, Enjoy, Excel in Music, Dance and Fine Arts

South Indian music is unique by itself possessing intricacies in the system of shrutis, raga, tala, bhava and so on. In todays fast moving world, even though people are interested in learning finearts, they may not have enough time to approach a tutor or guru who may be at a long distance or sometimes in other countries. The thurst of such passionate learners is satisfied through assuring quality finearts education by the Bridge Academy.

Kalai Sangamam

The concept of Kalai Sangamam is to give opportunity for 8 Grade Exam toppers. This motivates the students to learn the subject more in systematical way. This Program happens during the cultural season of every year. So far, it has happened in Chennai,Coimbatore and Malaysia, planning to cover other countries also.

Tamilnadu Music and Fine Arts University Degree, Diploma Courses for Music, Dance & Fine Arts

The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu established an University exclusively for Music and Fine Arts so as to preserve, foster, popularize, promote the traditional system of Indian Music, Bharathanatyam, Performing Arts and Fine Arts practiced in Tamil Nadu, viz., The Tamil Nadu Music and Fine Arts University. This is the unique university which has music, fine arts and sculpture, first of its kind in India. The Hon'ble Chief Minister is the Chancellor of this University.

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