8 Grade System

Bridge Academy’s 8 grade system for Indian Fine Arts ( Music, Dance & Art )is a framework to standardize the Syllabus as well as a method of evaluating and certifying proficiency in these respective art forms. Bridge Academy has introduced 8 grade system to institutionalize the Art Forms by standardizing the syllabus under one roof without compromising the legacy of Indian arts . As the 8 grade system bridges the gap between learning and certification, The 8 grade system is being implemented through a galaxy of teachers and institutions worldwide .

8 Grade system across the countries

Bridge Academy’s Internationally acclaimed 8 Grade system not only helps to maintain the heritage and culture of Indian fine art forms but also to create a systematic and channelized pattern of teaching music ,dance and arts. So this international 8 grade system is being accepted and implemented across the globe by galaxy of teachers/gurus and it facilitates a platform for students to excel in their chosen field of fine arts through thousands of teachers /gurus throughout the world following our syllabus.







How to apply?

How to start ?
  • "Register" with Bridge Academy by following the link and receive your unique ID.
  • No Registration Fees.
  • Receive Teachers Hand Book for 8 Grade System in respective subject.
  • Prepare your Students with 8 Grade Syllabus to appear in the upcoming exams.
Examinations - How to apply
  • Exams will be conducted twice a year.
  • Make students appear for Grade Exams in suitable grades.
  • Select grades of students carefully to ensure quality.
  • Apply for the grade exam using their Teacher Registration Id .
  • Update your students application form through online link "gradeexam.bridgeacademy.in" using their Registration Id.

Application Forms:

  • The applications will be processsed and Hall Tickets of each student will be sent to the respective teachers Inbox.
Evolution , Results & Certification
  • Both Theory & Practical will be conducted in a same day.
  • Students will be examined by the subject experts.
  • Feedbacks will be given to improve the skill of student.
  • Results will be announced within two month.
  • Certification will be provided by Bridge Academy.

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About Grade Exam

Grade Exam

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News and Updates

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  • Upcoming Grade exam on Hyderabad

    Hyderabad - 6th and 7th April 2024

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  • Online Grade exams

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