About Bridge Academy

Bridge Academy is a premier institute running media studies and fine art programmes and emerged as one of the quality and highly focused institutions in this arena and offers University Diploma and Degree courses

8 Grade System

Indian traditional art forms have been preserved and sustained by Gurus and Teachers for countries. They have been nurturing these arts through traditional methods and each school has its own way of teaching and evaluating its students. There is no common syllabus for course progression among schools and interaction amongst schools. There exists a need for a common syllabus and a common evaluation system in the present day migratory educational system.

To address this, Bridge Academy has initiated the process of standardizing and institutionalizing the syllabus without compromising on the legacy and traditions of Indian Fine Art forms through the ‘ 8 Grade Syllabus ‘.This 8 The grade system for Indian Fine Arts was unveiled by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Balalmuralikrishna, Padma Bhushan Dr.V.P.Dhanajayan, Kalaimamani Dr.Nityashree Mahadevan, National Award Winner Dr.Alphonso Doss to the fraternity.in 2014 at Kalakshetra, Chennai.

Bridge Academy’s 8 grade system bridge the gap between the learning and certification in the field of fine arts. This would help teachers to nurture the talents of their students to excel and to motivate them to outperform in their chosen field of music, dance and fine arts. By integrating various institutions under one roof, Bridge Academy is working towards harmony and uniformity among various schools of teaching in the larger interest of standardization of Music, Dance & Fine Arts.

Panel of Experts

The syllabus committee of Bridge Academy comprise a panel of experts from the Guru Parampara Genre, professional & practising artists and acclaimed academicians. They have integrated the traditional values and systematic way of teaching and evaluating. Bridge Academy has institutionalized the Art Forms by standardizing the syllabus without compromising the legacy of Indian arts.However, evaluating artistic talent is inherently subjective, so it's important to create a system that is acceptable to both practitioners and experts.

Music,Dance & Art Teachers Ensemble

This international standard 8 Grade system is accepted and implemented across the globe by a galaxy of gurus and teachers bringing harmony and uniformity in the way of teaching.

Apart from learning and certification, A vast ensemble of Music, Dance and Art Teachers, created by the Bridge Academy for Indian Fine Arts is a rare sight to behold anywhere else in the world. There is no doubt that such a group brings immense benefits to the teachers and students involved in it.

Knowledge Enhancing Programs

Bridge Academy offers many knowledge enhancement programs to the Teachers and Students and provide more opportunities to the budding artists through many cultural events like ‘Kalaisangamam” across the country. Apart from the cultural events, Bridge Academy has taken a great leap of initiative to bring the experts in Indian fine arts from across the globe on to a common platform in DECEMBER SEASON coinciding with MARGAZHI MUSIC FESTIVAL to share the treasures of knowledge, teaching techniques, methods of learning, results and research experiments to ensure percolation to all layers of society with the young researchers and budding performers to a common agenda of achievement by organising national and International Conferences.


  • The objective of the Trust is mainly to aggregate talented youngsters and trained teachers in order to create a systematic and channelized pattern of teaching music and dance. This is the concept over which the 8 Grade Syllabus was designed.

  • Bridge Academy has done in-depth study and research in this area with the help of experts resulting in introduction of 8 grade system in music, Dance and Fine Arts.

  • The 8 grade system is being implemented through teachers and institutions worldwide, bringing harmony and uniformity amongst them. It provides platform to students who excel in grade examinations.


To help students Enrich, Enjoy, Excel in Music, Dance and Fine Arts


To Standardize syllabus for various arts forms leading to 8 grade system