Gradation Benefits for Teachers

For ages, our culture has placed teachers above God and revered them through Guru Shishya parampara. Teachers today are chosen by the parents mostly based on their popularity. The process of gradation of students trained by the teachers will stand testimony to the teaching skills of the individual teacher or the institution. Teachers can use the grade exams as a motivating factor to make the children strive harder, which does not happen generally in a non-competitive environment. The grade certificates will make room for healthy competition among the talented students and will lead to more practice and better learning by them. The interaction with the music, dance and fine arts community will help the teachers and institutions to exchange notes wisdom leading to knowledge sharing. More over the teachers stand to benefit through various interactive sessions, seminars and orientation programmes organised by Bridge Academy. Grade Exams will ensure that students don't drop out resulting in incresed students strength.

Gradation Benefits for Students

In the absence of Gradation system even those students with years of learning and high skills fail to get recognized. Since most of the students are first generation learners, the parents are unable to understand or assess the talent levels of their own children. This lack of knowledge about skill levels of their wards leaves the parents baffled and the students are not in a position to drive their point to the parents to pursue their interest in music, dance and fine arts. The 8 grade system shall bridge the huge gap between the passion of the students and the perception of the parents. A talented student will be able to prove the talent to parents and convince them on the future plans in the chosen Art form. Such students with talent and passion, performing well with very high marks in grade exams are given further training by Bridge Academy to sharpen and fine tune their skills through experts in the field.

Outstanding Performers

Outstanding performers of all grades and subjects will have workshops with our experts & panel members to enhance their skill level. Best students from workshops will be given a suitable platform to showcase their talents.

8 Graders

Top candidates from Grade 8 will be chosen centre wise who will participate in district and eventually state level Events. The Outstanders of this Event will enter the Hall of Fame. Opportunities will open for them to be a professional in the field of fine arts. Those who complete 8 grades can pursue higher studies / research. Bridge Academy will help the 8 graders to continue up-gradation of talents. Bridge Academy shall help the 8 graders to employ their talents commercially by conducting seminars, providing updates on latest equipments and advanced technologies making them better professionals. All 8 graders names shall be listed in our website & Social Media Networks. Bridge Academy in line with International practice has designed 8 Grades for each form of art based on the recommendation of our panel members consisting of experts, academicians and researchers. The 8 grade system will help the students by evaluating their knowledge and competence levels.

Kalai Sangamam

Kalai Sangamam is a cultural festival which provides a platform for students of 8 Grade Exam Toppers and Bridge Academy's associate Teachers. Apart from this we are organising monthly Cultural Fest with a great concept for workshop and a stage for students to perform.